2005 Bioethics Institute at the Iowa State University

May 23-27, 2005, ISU Campus

If you discuss issues concerning agriculture, food, human health, families, the environment, animals, or biotechnology in your courses, and you find yourself fielding ethical questions about these topics, the Bioethics Institute is just the thing for you.  The Institute provides a strong background in ethical theory, which enables participants to lead discussions about ethics with confidence.  We'll also discuss environmental ethics, animal rights and animal welfare, the ethics of biotechnology, research ethics, bioethics policy, and more. 

The Bioethics Institute provides a great opportunity to work closely with colleagues from other institutions who share an interest in bioethics.  In addition to lectures and large-group discussions, you will have plenty of time to work in small groups on case studies and other activities that you can take home and use with your students. You also will have the opportunity to write a case study with a small group of colleagues.  This provides a chance to cover issues that are important to you and put them into a format that you can use in your courses.

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