front of the Molecular Biology Building on campus.
The Molecular Biology Building at Iowa State University contains art reflecting bioethics in science. Art by Andrew Leicester.

The study of bioethics is important for scientific and social research, community life, and education.

Since 1986, the Bioethics Program at Iowa State University has been helping professors at this and other universities learn how to incorporate ethics discussions into their life-science classrooms. Clark Wolf, professor of philosophy and religious studies, is the director of the Bioethics Program.

More recently, Bioethics Outreach efforts have expanded the reach and scope of bioethics in Iowa to reach K-12 educators, extension personnel, and other community leaders who bring bioethical information the the public. Kristen Hessler, lecturer in the philosophy and religious studies department, is the outreach coordinator for these audiences.

Bioethics Program

Bioethics Outreach


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